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You understand Japanese very well. To a Japanese person, onomatopoeia written in hiragana looks like infantile language. I think this phenomenon is similar to the euphemisms using kittens and puppies in English. <3

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Posted by Precipitation24 - December 19th, 2018

(Contact “ninjamuffin99” on Newgrounds)

(Christmas ADVENTure 2018)


On December 12, Mr. ninjamuffin99 gave a nice present to me. He gave me the authority of the supporter of Newgrounds (for a month).

I am terribly sorry about the delay in my expression of gratitude. I really appreciate it.

I need to register for online banking and be a permanent supporter in the future...


Posted by Precipitation24 - September 4th, 2017



"We rarely think about
what we have but rather on
what we lack"

        Arthur Schopenhauer

< Alptraum >

Not so long ago there was a little village called St. Johann, in Austria’s Alps. It was just by himself and had almost no connection to the outer world....




(Contact “Snake-Studios” on Newgrounds)



I took part in the project for illustration and audio.


I would like to express my gratitude.

Ein Hoch auf uns!

Posted by Precipitation24 - August 2nd, 2017

< Hakubi >

Presented by Wrongfire, and the dancer is one and only Niyama-san!!

A music video from "Kitsune Magic Shop",

"Hakubi (White Tail : 白尾)" is now online!!






I participated in this project for audio and illustration.


I really enjoyed working with them.

I would like to express my gratitude.


Posted by Precipitation24 - April 11th, 2017



< Alptraum >




Not so long ago there was a little village called St. Johann, in Austria’s Alps. It was just by himself and had almost no connection to the outer world....



Coming Soon....

(Contact “Snake-Studios” on Newgrounds)



I took part in this online game. I really enjoyed my work.

I deeply appreciate dear Snake-Studios.

I would like to work with you again....



Posted by Precipitation24 - August 28th, 2016






(KMS Game)






(Contact on Newgrounds)



Taking place in ancient Japan, Kitsune Magic Shop is the whimsical tale of Niyama Kitsune and her sister Nizume as they open the first ever Magic Shop. The first 3D point and click visual novel introduces gameplay elements such as inventory puzzles, exploration, and mini-games to the classic Visual Novel approach.

Gameplay :

Experience the combination of Visual Novel style conversations and story-telling with the exploration and puzzle based dynamics of classic point and clicks. The 'VN' elements are very traditional and benefit from 3D by adding a sense of life to both the characters and the backgrounds. Animations smoothly transition and backgrounds flow as characters discuss the events of the story, creating an almost Zen-like feeling for the player. We have modernized many point and click elements by focusing on having everything work by left clicking or right clicking. Left click on any intractable object to get a full context menu, and right click to see every intractable object in a scene. This simplification allows an ease of use for all types of players, allowing the story and characters to shine.
Our goal isn't to rewrite these genres, but to mesh them seamlessly.

Story :

Play the game as Niyama Kitsune, A young, naive, but highly confident Kitsune (Mythical Fox) girl. Her natural talents and kind nature always gets her into the thick of people's business, and as her sister Nizume brings the two of them into a small town to set up a Magic Shop she prepares to play her cards right into the hearts of the townsfolk.
Meet the strong, independent warrior Moriko, the busty, charismatic shop-owner Hitome, and the shy, observant flower-girl Mana. Influence Niyamas relationships with all of them over the course of 5 chapters, set between Fall and Winter.
Experience the story in a lovely Japanese setting during all times of the day, rain or shine and help build a bustling Magic Shop.

Features :
-Traditional Visual Novel conversations and dialogue Trees with relationships that grow or shrink.
-Multiple story routes with 4 major endings.
-An intuitive Point and Click mechanic for interacting with and exploring the world.
-An inventory system.
-Potion creation and "Rush Hour!" mini-game.
-Mini-map and world map with fast travel.
-A full save and load feature with multiple save slots.
-A turbo mode to skip conversations you have seen before.
-An auto-play feature with speed settings.
-SpeedTree technology that helps create gorgeous scenery.
-Full language support through modding.

Team :
Worldcore Studios LLC is a small group of indie developers looking to break into the game industry with small, but robust anime games. We are currently using a custom toolkit made in Unity 5 to build Kitsune Magic Shop, and are hoping to evolve this toolkit for use in more games and genres.

(quoted from Steam)


I took part in the project.
This is my first work as an illustrator.

I was able to gain many valuable experiences.
Let me express my heartfelt appreciation to all of the staff.