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Precipitation24's News

Posted by Precipitation24 - June 27th, 2021

I know this is not important to most people, but please let me say this.

Last year in Japan, there was a massive crime related to online banking, which caused many Japanese bank accounts to review their online transactions. As a result of this, my only lifeline, Japan Post Bank, has stopped accepting PayPal transactions. What's wrong is that I can no longer use it to support Newgrounds, which I was supposed to do via PayPal! I am very sad to hear this, as I have been with Newgrounds for a long time, but it looks like they are working on resuming transactions, so I will just have to wait for good news.



Posted by Precipitation24 - May 19th, 2021


Hello. I am Precipitation24. Thank you for playing “Basic Vocabulary 48”, my silly adult game. In this game, I had many important themes and one of them was “improving my animation.” In order to create animation, I had to learn a lot of techniques or create by myself, and at some time, I thought that I would forget all this knowledge a month after its completion. So please let me write them here as a reminder of this knowledge and so that I could share and discuss them with someone else if I could.


Repetitive Animation

When I was a little child, I saw how dear Walt Disney created animation. He draws each frame from scratch, so there are no repetitive or static parts, giving the illusion of a real living being in motion. I do not even know how exactly he made such a beautiful animation.

When I tried to make an animation, I realized that they should have been a repetitive animation to adopt the game. And I set the period of each animation 12 frames. At this point, I found a big problem: If I imitate Mr. Disney's works and draw an animation by shifting the picture little by little, it would not probably be a 12 frame cycle.


Piston Motion ≠ Triangular Motion

The fact that the animation is periodic means that it deals with piston motion. It is convenient to use piston motion in animation, especially in nsfw animation (for obvious reasons). However, I didn't want to use triangular motion as they are, because I thought they would not appear that often in real physical phenomena. So what functions should we use?

At least, piston motion has a minimum and a maximum value. As a specific example, let's think of a girl riding a horse. In this case, the minimum value is when the girl relaxes her legs and puts all her weight on the horse. To move from this state to the maximum, she would accelerate her hips by gradually applying force from zero speed and subconsciously adjust the amount of force to stop the movement of her hips by the time she reached the top to prevent it from slipping away. There for the movement of her hip is going to be like this: f(t) = -cos(t)+A. Yes, I used a triangular function. However, the problem is about how she would go down. When she lowers her hips, she will probably relax her legs and let herself fall freely. This means that the curve of the fall must be described by a parabola, not a trigonometric function. Then the horse absorbs the impact caused by the free-falling girl's butt and that will bring us back to MIN.

Unfortunately, I can only show one example here, but I would like to move on to the next step, knowing that various physical phenomena are hidden in the behavior of one cycle.



Let's forget about the girl on the horse and get back to the whole piston movement. This so-called "non-triangular piston movement" is only about the movement near the junction, but we have to be aware that these movements are transferred to the whole body with a delay. An example is as follows

Reference movement: the movement of the person who is applying force to his/her muscles and moving them

Delayed movement: partner's movement

If we look at the individual, we can further break it down as follows

Reference movement: movement near the junction

Delayed movement: breasts, hair

Also, this phase shift can always be constant. For example, if a person is moving according to f(t) as a reference, his/her partner will move according to f(t-α), and his/her partner's hair will move according to f(t-α-β). In particular, since hair and breasts move by inertia, it is easier to animate them by considering them to be the same as vector changing gravity that is delayed in phase.


Completion of Human Skeleton Animation

After these calculations, the animation of the human skeleton was completed. In the next article, I will explain the fleshing and coloring techniques.

Thank you very much for your interest.



Posted by Precipitation24 - February 22nd, 2021

My song was Frontpaged again! Thank you, Newgrounds! Thank you, everyone!


As some of you may have noticed, I made this song as an impression of the biographical drama film "First Man". I was really moved. The movie clearly shows the contrast between exciting science and Mr. Armstrong's, his friends' and family's struggles against pressure, loss and fear to be the first man in the world.

Unfortunately, I am not going to be an astronaut, but I still feel like I have learned a lot about how mankind can deal with science and technology by watching this movie.

Incidentally, I am now using a website "DeepL" when writing in English. I don't mean to brag, but I have enough English ability to become an English teacher in junior high school in my country (because I really wanted to understand the ZTV series!), and I have been writing all my sentences on my own. However, the words and phrases suggested by DeepL seem to be much better than my translations....

I am very curious about how this text will look to you.



Posted by Precipitation24 - February 12th, 2021

Wow, it is unbelievable! My song is Frontpaged again! Thank you, Newgrounds! Thank you, everyone!

I wrote this song looking back to the 2010s, when some of my most favorite songs appeared. Their songs are just so dramatic! They can also make pure American, goth, and high school music. I have encountered many genres of music by them, but I think their dramaticness, or the cry of the soul, is a common feature.

On the other hand, vocaloids are (at least my singer is) not so good at singing like shouting. The simplest solution is to process the voice like Radio Demon, but it was difficult to adjust the volume in this song because its sound quality varies so much. What saved me when I was at a standstill was to ask myself, "How would they sing this?" I think this is the ultimate trick.

(I imagined the band that Luka formed in high school. Although I drew them, the face is a little scary with strong eyes, so I'll post it below the article)





Posted by Precipitation24 - December 25th, 2020

Thank you GeoKureli and BrandyBuizel! Thank you SplatterDash! I appreciate everyone!

My song is used as one of the BGM of "Tankmas ADVENTure 2020"!

I also recommend this game. It is fun!

Making musical music is difficult for me. Especially, because I am strongly conscious of Disney works, it is extremely difficult. Moreover, there is a big problem. For a long time, I have respected and studied Mr. Alan Menken, but recently there are too many great musical musicians (especially Christmas or snow, this is an important theme). I am troubled by indecision.

Anyway, happy holidays and I wish everyone good health.



Posted by Precipitation24 - December 8th, 2020


My favorite scene in HAZBIN HOTEL <3 <3

Thank you Newgorunds! Thank you 1.3K fans! I am so happy!

The fan art of HAZBIN HOTEL is front-paged!

It was an experimental work to jump into the world of American cartoon and I thought it would not be given little or no recognition. But I am really glad I could convey how much I love it.

I know that my effort is not enough. But now I know what I lack and what I should learn. I want to work even harder and keep getting better.



Posted by Precipitation24 - November 29th, 2020

Making A Body Pillow of ZONE-tan!

In this article, I would like to write about how I draw a picture.

To be honest, I do not want to write this kind of article because I think nobody is interested in my way and nobody wants to see it, but I changed my mind for a while. I could make other artists think, "Wow, I can draw like this if I read it <3" or "Humph! I can draw better than this!" The important thing is that, in either case, it could be a motivation for other artists. If that so, I would be happy.

About the Original Version


The original art is, as always, the unique mixture of American expression and Japanese expression which I have longed to obtain. In particular, general style looks like Japanese drawing, but her facial expression is nothing but American DC comics. I think it is possible because ZONE-SAMA is familiar with both two different fields. The artist well depicted the cuteness of ZONE-tan as a naughty boy (not even a girl) <3 <3 I think this is a message from ZONE-SAMA, "Love her just like as your own child." Do you love her? Yes, I do!

Task Zero: Concept

I do love drawing a boyish girl, but I look at her a little differently. For me, ZONE-tan is a professional, mature and sexy announcer. So I drew her as she looks. Also, I tried not to forget that ZONE-tan is going to sleep right next to you (lol).

Task One: Rough Sketch

I decided about the main concept. In this process I draw many rough sketches. Only one important thing is that: Is your character cuter (or creepier, scarier if it is a horror picture) than anyone you saw today? 


I adopted this sketch. The little letters say, "She doesn't want to be too friendly, but she feels comfortable for now." In my case, characters' face changes many time while I am drawing and I forget what I wanted to draw. So I need to make a note of what facial expression I wanted to draw first.

Struggle: I Cannot Draw Clear Lines!!

You have probably noticed by now, but I cannot draw clear lines.

In fact, a long time ago I used to use "clear" Bezier curves in line drawing, but the picture was plain and awful. The answer was simple. In illustration, "Lines tell us everything." This is what I learned mainly from cartoon arts. Bezier curves completely killed lines.

Also, I am so bad at "pen tablets". I can barely paint it, but I cannot control the line drawing pencil on screen.

I decided to scan my rough sketch and directly use it for my illustration. This method worked better than before because it did not kill the lines, but since then I cannot make a picture with clear and delicate lines. I tried to draw them, but I can only draw a picture on an A4 piece of paper. It is still too difficult for me to draw a delicate lines because the canvas size is too small.

I am still looking for a drastic solution for this matter.....

Task Three: Division

So this time, I divided the original rough sketch into five pieces, and I drew lines in five A4 pieces of paper. If the piece is too small, I only have to draw on a larger piece of paper!


(This is a rough sketch, but believe me, I drew this as delicate as possible.)


(1/5, the head is the most important part. )


Two hours later, I managed to get more delicate line drawing (than the rough sketch) without killing lines, I hope.

Now I prepared a line drawing. Next, I have to paint her.

In order to maximize her sexual appeal, I chose a method called "Adult game painting".


Adult game painting (a literal translation of Gyaruge-nuri (ギャルゲー塗り) in Japanese), is the most common way to paint a “hentai” pictures.

Also, please excuse me, but I am not an expert, so I can't teach you specific methods. I can tell you about only what I do. There is not necessarily only one answer. I think this is why illustration is so difficult.


Task Four: Base Coloring


First, I painted ZONE-tan with simple colors. In this process, you don’t have to pay attention to detail. Because you would soon get tired before an important decision. That is, you have to spend a lot of time choosing colors instead. If you do not like a color, you can change its hue, saturation or brightness, or you can paint from the beginning. What colors to choose completely depends on your taste, but there is a tip. For example, I painted her with colors of high brightness (or lightness) and low saturation.


Task Five: Painting Skin

Layers: (top) - cheek - light - shadow/shade - base color (bottom)


I use two different layers, shadow and shade. “Shadow” is a dark area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. In this illustration, I painted ZONE-tan’s neck and around her hair. However, please be careful not to use too much. It takes only 1%~5% of skin surface. “Shade” is what you paint when you paint a ball. In adult game painting, there is a unique and weird technique but I do not know so much. Anyway, you can paint what you want to paint.

One more thing, when I was a beginner, I painted skin colors with air blush. But please let me say, do not use air blush. It will ruin your picture. Instead, I paint them with opaque watercolors and blur them.


Task Six: Painting Hair

Layers: (top) - light - shadow/shade - base color (bottom)


You might have noticed that, the layer structure is almost the same as “Painting Skin”. Therefore what I would like to say is also same as it. However, there is some more things I would like to say.

  • I wanted the light to come from her back, so I cast a large “shade” in her hair.
  • I put subtle gradation. There is no rule about which color to choose, but I choose the color beyond its border, for example, her skin color.


Task Seven: Painting Clothes

Layers: (top) - light- shadow/shade - base color (bottom)


In this process, what we should do is simple. Painting shadow/shade is all task. However, I have something to say also in this process.

  • Basically you do not have to cast a light when you paint sweaters. But in this time, I put subtle gradation of her skin color.
  • There seems to be an established way to paint stockings. Especially, I put light on her crotch and to express its glossy feeling, I put lines of light.


Task Eight: Painting Others


I added her eyes and last but not least, ZONE-SAMA’s logo! About painting eyes, there are many established ways, but I think it is the best for you to make your own way. The eyes create the life of the character. Let’s make your own child!

Also, I was thinking about the background color for a very long time. I noticed that her facial expression changed variously depending on the background color. Finally, I decided on the color that would make her look the happiest.


This is the end of this article. Thank you very very much for reading to the end, and thank you for keeping me company with my poor English.

I am not a professional artist and I have not so much talent as others. But I like studying because I can see a lot of talented works much closer. I would like to keep on going.

As I mentioned at the beginning, there is not necessarily only one answer. To draw a detailed picture with great precision is one important way, but I think it is not necessarily only one truth. I think what you imagine can be your illustration. Your imagination is the most important. I also would love to maximize my imagination and create something that everyone feels “delicious”.



Posted by Precipitation24 - October 9th, 2020

Thank you Newgrounds. Thank you 1.2K fans.

My picture is frontpaged. This is a big event.


For a long time, I have liked Sci-fi works, but most of my stuffs are not related to it.

Science fiction not only is good fun but also serves a serious purpose, that of expanding the human imagination. 

I think you must be at home in a variety of fields to create a good Sci-fi work. Especially, a lot of amazing works have their own philosophical themes and their own answers: for example, "Does science make mankind happy?", "Is there a God?" or "We are so small compared to the universe." Your own answer is the most important for making a Sci-fi work.

However, the reason why I have not made Sci-fi works is simply because I am not good at drawing it LOL

I would like to keep on trying. This is one small step, one giant leap for me that you received this attempt in a positive way.



Posted by Precipitation24 - October 3rd, 2020


There is one thing that I want to say. I was impressed with her/their knowledge. They know the exact meaning of a word, and their expressions are very natural (Fortunately I can understand Japanese). There were even a few things that I did not know. For example, he pointed out the difference between “O-face” and “ahegao”, but I confused the two terms. I just want to say, “Why are you so good at Japanese?”

Especially, I love ZONE-tan’s Japanese voice. Of course, I do love ZONE-tan’s English voice first. Her Japanese sounds really cute for me.


This is my favorite <3 


Posted by Precipitation24 - July 13th, 2020

What is happening? I cannot believe it!

For a long time, this was one of my goals. However I have thought that it would be difficult because making good Western music is still extremely difficult for me. I am still watching "how to make" series in YouTube.

Of course, I don't think I could yet, but to borrow Mr. AVGN's expression, "My life is complete!"

Once again, thank you Newgrounds! Thank you 1.1K fans!